Independent IT Audit & Review

Your technology is costing you a fortune, but are you getting the value for money?

Technology is an increasingly important part of business and you need to get it working FOR you.

Recalibrate will review your technology to help you know where to start.

Are you…

  • Worried about your technology costs?
  • Being sold “solutions” which never seem to solve anything?
  • Held back by Technology complexity?
  • Getting poor value for money from your technology?
  • Dealing with staff who hardly use technologies which cost you a fortune?
  • With staff frustrated by old technology?
  • Worried about technology changing your industry?
  • Overwhelmed by technology jargon?

Take control of your technology

Recalibrate will run an end-to end IT Audit and Review so you can:

  • Identify risks and issues you need to deal with
  • Understand service and system gaps which stop you working efficiently
  • Make better use of technology to support your business goals
  • Improve your business efficiency and save technology costs
  • Reduce complexity, allowing your business to be more agile
  • Create a robust but pragmatic plan to improve


Our step-by-step audit and review process is well-proven and gives you a comprehensive picture of your technology needs, any issues, and potential savings and/or better use of the systems you have. We’ll also identify areas to improve your technology and missing capabilities that are holding you back.


We make the process work for your business and your priorities.