Strategic Technology Management When You Need It

Without the overheads of an expensive full-time staff member

Like many business managers, you don’t have enough time to run the business, and to manage your technology effectively at the same time.


Are you…

  • Overwhelmed by technology jargon?
  • Worried about your technology costs?
  • Being sold “solutions” which never seem to solve anything?
  • Held back by Technology complexity?
  • Getting poor value for money from your technology?
  • Dealing with staff who hardly use technologies which cost you a fortune?
  • With staff frustrated by old technology?
  • Worried about technology changing your industry?
  • Worried that you don’t know what you don’t know?

We can help to bring your technology under control, and keep it there!

Recalibrate’s IT Director Service provides your business the strategic oversight you need to really benefit from the use of technology, but without the overheads of an expensive senior resourse.

This service will provide the following benefits to your business:

  • Independent, objective technology advice and analysis
  • Visibility and control of your critical business technology
  • Strategic alignment of your technology investments
  • Transparency and understanding of your technology capabilities and future requirements
  • The pragmatic application of technology tools to improve operations and support strategic objectives
  • Advocacy to ensure that you are getting value for money from all technology providers
  • “Translation” of IT speak into business terms and effective engagement with key stakeholders


Your IT Director Service

This package of services provides effective technology assurance for your company to ensure that you are heading in the right direction, and using technology cost-effectively and efficiently to support your business activities.


Recalibrate’s Your IT Director Service includes the following:

  • Strategic oversight of technology strategy, roadmap and project portfolio*
  • Technology portfolio board reporting
  • Technology risk and issue management and mitigation
  • Service Management oversight and vendor contract or SLA adherence
  • Attendance at Board meetings quarterly to provide updates via Skype (in person if required)
  • Annual technology financial budget preparation assistance
  • Attendance and advisory at the Board and/or management team annual planning meeting
  • Monitoring and advice on technology developments that may have the potential to benefit your operations, or present a threat to your business viability
  • Analysis and evaluation of potential technology advances
  • Coaching and mentoring of internal staff who are routinely engaged in IT management


These services will include monthly status reporting to key stakeholders, with early identification and mitigation of issues and/or risks that have the potential to become problematic. Items out of scope (and likely to incur additional cost) will be flagged immediately for the approval of the management team.

*A technology strategy, roadmap, and the associated project portfolio must be in place and agreed between both parties prior to this service commencing. Recalibrate may be engaged to prepare these as required, as a separate arrangement.