Train your team to optimise your technology success

Technology is critical to the future success of your business – but if you’re like many businesses, you’re struggling to get the outcomes you want from technology projects, and to understand technology’s role in your future business success. You and your team need training to help you to be more successful.


Our programme of training and facilitated interactive workshops will bring your businesses team together to give them a solid understanding of effective technology management tools and techniques.


  • We teach business staff to use the powerful technologies available to them
  • We teach business managers to understand their roles in successful technology management
  • We coach Boards to drive value from technology investments and effectively manage technology risks
  • We teach IT teams to optimise technology to add value to the business

These sessions are delivered by Hamish Duff BSc, MSc (hons), MBA. Hamish is a knowledgeable and experienced business and technology management consultant who currently teaches Digital Transformation on the MBA Programme at the University of Canterbury.

Workshops are tailored to your specific business context to ensure we meet your expected outcomes and training needs, and we will work closely with your team to ensure the business is able to act upon the advice provided.

Microsoft 365 Training

Is your team overwhelmed with Microsoft 365? Do you know which set of tools will serve you and your team the best, and how to use them? We can help you learn new skills and techniques so that you can build a digital workplace that allows your team to work more efficiently than ever before!

By engaging Recalibrate for a Microsoft 365 Training Programme, you will:

  • Learn how to collaborate & communicate effectively
  • Establish which tools will best serve you
  • How to plan and set up your Microsoft Teams for success.
  • Understand Microsoft 365 apps (Teams, OneNote, Planner & OneDrive) and their purpose better.
  • Evolve your digital workplace & team into a more productive, efficient, lean machine.
  • Improve your productivity using these essential business tools
  • Reduce staff frustration using technology


Recalibrate: Technology Management Success Training

Successful technology requires understanding of the issues and constraints throughout the business. We can train your entire team, techies, staff, management and your Board, so you have the skills you need to take your company into the digital age.

Our seminar programme provides the information and skills your teams need to re-think the way they implement and manage technology to support the business goals.


For Your Technology Team

  • Capability assessment
  • Service management maturity
  • Legacy system issues
  • The challenges of complexity
  • Managing customer expectations
  • The IT Value Framework
  • Adding business value through technology
  • Positioning for change – changing technology focus

For Your Business Managers

  • Establishing business technology needs based on value
  • Planning technology projects effectively
  • Business process transformation and digitisation
  • Managing technology driven business change
  • Breaking down the barriers to successful technology implementation
  • Managing technology partners

For Your Board

  • Strategic challenges of technology change
  • Digital disruption – challenges and opportunities
  • Digital transformation – why is it important?
  • Positioning for competitive advantage
  • Board technology responsibilities
  • Threat and risk assessment

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Tailor the seminars to your business needs

Recalibrate: Position Your Business for Rapid Technology Change

Rapidly changing technology is the greatest business challenge of our time, but also the most exciting opportunity.

It is critical that businesses prepare themselves for a digital driven future, by raising awareness of the issues, identifying industry threats and then creating a plan to manage technology change.


Exponential Technology Change

  • What do we mean by exponential change, and what does it look like?
  • An overview of technologies which are affected
  • Evidence for accelerating change
  • Impact on industries, and new competitive tactics
  • Impact on customer needs, behaviour and expectations
  • Opportunities: How do you Recalibrate your business to take advantage of these changes?

Digital Disruption

  • What is digital disruption?
  • How is it affecting your business, and how is it likely to affect it in the future?
  • Examples of disruptive businesses and how they have changed industries
  • Characteristics of successful disruptive business – which you can adapt to your business
  • How do these businesses change customer expectations?
  • The opportunity: Disrupting ourselves
  • Strategies for competing in a technology driven world

Planning for the Future

This is a full day facilitated workshop to assist your team to establish a framework for a Digital Strategy and enable a Roadmap to be put in place – which is critical to your business viability. Our experienced facilitators will lead you through the discussion and exercises needed to create a comprehensive and pragmatic plan.

This is a facilitated workshop which will tailor the approach to your business context and align with your existing goals.

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Tailor the seminars to your business needs

The Recalibrate Workshop Framework

Recalibrate designs and develops facilitated workshops in a range of technology management areas – addressing the specific issues and requirements of your organisation.

A typical framework may be based around:

  • Assessment of the current situation
  • Clear definition of issues – what are the problems faced by your organisation?
  • Obtaining agreement between stakeholders
  • Visioning for future development – what will it look like?
  • Needs analysis – what are the needs and where are the capability gaps?
  • Action plan definition – what are the priorities and how will they be actioned?
  • Defining accountability – what are the essential roles and responsibilities to ensure achievement of your plan?